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Colorado Springs Radio History
Radio Station KRCC

912 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
First Broadcast 1944


Radio Station KCME
KCME 88.7 FM
1921 North Weber Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(719) 578-5263 or


Radio reception stamp from 1920s Colorado Springs first commercial radio station. KFUM was licensed on
December 10, 1924.

Known For Unsurpassed Mountain Scenery

Owned by: W. Douglass Corley
12 S. Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs

W. D. Corley also operated the Corley Mountain Highway toll road which was the Cripple Creek Short Line Railroad.
KFUM was Colorado Springs first commercial radio station and only the 5th in the western United States. Its transmit power was second only to KOA in Denver. KFUM was sold to Reynolds Radio Co. Inc. and became KVOR.

Nikola Tesla

Above: Experimental Station at Colorado Springs where the first wireless transmission experiments were preformed (1899-1900).

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1952 Colorado Springs Telephone Directory Ad KRDO

KRDO radio & TV link

Postcard from the 1920's side 1 & 2

Radio reception stamp from 1920s Colorado Springs radio station. KFXF was licensed on September 2, 1925. It later moved to Denver.
KFXF was originally owned by Pikes Peak Broadcasting then sold to Colorado Radio Corp. in Denver. It later became KHOW.


Radio Service & Supply Co.
411 East Pikes Peak
Main 5606
"Gene" Reinhardt

#84 Philco vacuum tube with service label

Dated 10-11-1941 Tested by "Reid"
(less than 60 days to the attack on Pearl Harbor)

1952 Colorado Springs Telephone Directory Ad
Radio Service Supply Co.

1952 Colorado Springs Telephone Directory Ad
Radio Electronics CO.



Postcard Back

Postcard Front

Garden of the Gods Easter Service
broadcast coast to coast on KVOR 1944

KVOR radio station link

Murray Radio Company

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United States Air Force Academy

45 RPM record played by radio stations at start and end of broadcast day. No date.
Conducted by Major Herman Vincent and James Roger Boyd.
Produced by Capt. T. Hemeyer

K0WWD MARS Amateur Radio Station QSL Card 1965

KOMIC Cadet amateur radio club link

KAFA 97.7 FM Cadet run radio station link


Pikes Peak Area Radio History
Lowell Thomas

"The Golden Voice of Radio"

Victor, Colorado
Lowell Thomas Museum Link




Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association



KGHF Pueblo

KGHF reception verification card April 6th 1930

Radio reception stamp from 1920s Pueblo radio station. KGHF was licensed October 1927.

Owned By:
Curtis P. Ritchie & Joe E. Finch
1320 kc, 250 watts

KDZA Pueblo

KDZA Radio Station Link

KPUB Pueblo

KPUB letterhead 1976

Limon Heritage Museum
Limon, Colorado

Some of the great items on display at the museum. The radio collection is small but nice. The vintage weather radar station is very cool. Click on picture to see more photos.

Museum Link

Academy of Radio
Pueblo, Colorado

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Pueblo QSL Cards

QSL card W9NVS (no date)


KVMN Pueblo

KVMN Radio car license plate courtesy of David Olson

KVMN Rate card courtesy of David Olson

Colorado Radio History
KFEL Denver

KFEL Denver 1940
Click for 30 page booklet

KLZ Denver

KLZ Denver CO was licensed Mar. 10, 1922. (was W9ZAF from 1919)

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KLZ Radio Station Link

KOA Denver

KOA was licensed to General Electric Co. Dec. 15, 1924. An earlier KOA Denver operated in 1922-23.

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KOA Radio Station Link

Colorado Highway Patrol

September 1949 The American City Magazine Advertisement
Conoco Road Map

Conoco map listing radio
stations in Colorado. 1930's

National Parks

Radio in Our National Parks 1939

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14 Radio Stations as of 1929

Colorado Springs - KFUM


Pueblo - KGHF

Greely - KFKA

Gunnison - KFHA

Trinidad - KGIW

Yuma - KGEK

Fort Morgan - KGEW

Edgewater - KFXJ


Overland Trails Museum
Sterling, Colorado

The Overland Trails Museum is a very impressive museum. It has a great collection of items from the early history of Colorado including a very nice assortment of radios and televisions. It is well worth the trip from anywhere in Colorado. The museum does not have a website but is easy to find. It's located just off the freeway I-76 at the Sterling exit. You can call the museum at 970-522-3895

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Colorado's 1st commercial radio station began broadcasts  from the Colorado State Teachers College (now University of Northern Colorado) in 1921. The station was granted a license by the government under the call letters KFKA on June 4th 1923.  The college sold the radio station on April 11, 1930 to the Mid-Western Radio Corporation and the station then moved to the Camfield hotel.

The Canfield Hotel letterhead.
Owned by  Daniel A. Camfield formerly the
Oasis hotel Greeley. No date.

Canfield Hotel postcard

KFKA radio station link

Exide Battery Company

Exide battery company letter head.
1015 8th Ave. Greeley.

Dated 1933

Elledge Radio Service
219 Clayton St.
Phone: 4-J
Brush, Colorado
Dated 1952

University of Colorado

The Electrical Engineering Department was licensed by the government on June 30th 1922 with the call letters of KFAJ. The department performed experimental broadcasts and did studies for educational purposes.

University of Colorado Radio Club W-O-Y-Q  QSL card 1957, University Memorial Center
Room 511


Don Bishop Colorado Radio History website link

10 TV Stations in Colorado as of 1957

Colorado Springs
 KKTV 11
 KRDO 13

 KLZ 7
 KOA 4



Grand Junction

KOSI Aurora

Listening area 1976 courtesy David Olson

KOSI radio station link


Colorado Radio Organizations

Website Link


  Colorado Broadcasters Association


Website Link

Radio Historical Association of Colorado

Website Link

Aircraft & Radio Museum

Wings Over the Rockies Museum Link


Colorado Radio Collectors Club

Colorado Radio Collectors Club Link


Station WWV
Fort Collins, Colorado

WWV began broadcasting from Colorado in 1966
Website Link

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