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Local History

Photos and information from Radio-Craft magazine October, 1939

Radio Station at Park Headquarters

Use of 2-way radio sending and receiving sets has been developed in the National Park Service so that there are now about 30 radio-equipped areas in the U.S. and Alaska.


Map of radio stations located in our national parks.

These are the locations, call letters and frequencies in Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park - KNJM - 3.235 kc

Black Canyon of the Gunnison - KNJV - 34.820 kc

Rocky Mountain National Park - KNJT - 2.558 kc

Mobil field radio in action. A great help in fighting fires.

 This field set is entirely self contained. The antenna reel is mounted on the cover, and only the necessary controls are brought out to the front panel. The microphone and receiver in the handset fit into space made available by recessing the front panel. The batteries are carried in a tray that clamps on the bottom of the case containing the set. An auxiliary loudspeaker may be plugged in if desired, such as in a fire camp where several men may be interested in hearing the incoming reports.



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