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This is the a story of a boy, a radio, and his friend.

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1929, Iowa City, Iowa.

President Herbert Hoover on a visit to Iowa stopped his motorcade to greet a young crippled boy who was cheering him on. This young boy, Robert Farr, they called him Bobby, has never been able to walk. His handshake with the President would change his life.


Bobby was a friendly boy. He often visited his neighbor, Mrs. Coughlin, to listen to her radio. His favorite broadcast to listen to was when President Hoover gave a radio address. Mrs. Coughlin was so impressed with Robert's excitement at listening to the President speak, she decided to write a letter to President Hoover and tell him about young Robert.

Dear Mr. Hoover,

I can't resist the temptation of writing you a word or two about the little boy you have made so supremely happy....   

                                     ...Mrs. Robert E.Coughlin



President Hoover listening to a radio

President Hoover read her letter and decided he wanted to do something special for this special boy.
Here Bobby sits with his new radio from the President. An Atwater Kent Model 55, with all the tubes and an external speaker. A very nice gift indeed. "Mamma keeps a big chair in front of the raido fore me" writes Bobby in his thank you letter to the President.

My Dear President Hoover,

I want to thank you and your friend fore this nice raido....


......I cant tell you how happy I am.
I am your little cripple Robert Farr


Bobby's radio is now part of our museum collection.

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